About Us

Temple B’nai Hayim in association with Congregation Beth Meier.

In 2017, two conservative Jewish temples, Temple B’nai Hayim and Congregation Beth Meier, with distinguished histories of inspiring and embracing meaningful traditional Jewish lives, values, service, justice, truth and the importance of Torah, became one. Our synagogue is now located in Sherman Oaks:

4302 Van Nuys Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

It is our collective experiences and dedication which will now enable us to expand our mission to other Jewish communities in the greater Los Angeles area.

Temple B’nai Hayim

Welcome to our Shul! We are committed to conserving and upholding Jewish traditions and values. Our beautiful sanctuary provides a setting conducive to contemplation and prayer. Religious services are observed and rites of passage are celebrated. As a social and cultural center, our temple hosts a variety of programs including parties, religious school, adult education, social action events, weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

Our clergy and congregational leaders are always here to help you.

For information: email: bnaihayim@yahoo.com
or phone: (818)-788-4664


Our Founder and Spiritual Leader of Congregation Beith Meier

As a young man in Germany, Rabbi Meier Schimmel was always one step ahead of the SS. In World War II, the Rabbi served as a chaplain in the United States Army.

Coming from a long history of Rabbis, in 1958 he and Rebbetzin Rochelle Schimmel, along with several families, founded the first synagogue in Studio City. A few years later a permanent home for the congregation was erected. During this time their daughters Debbie and Selma were born.

For over 50 years CBM was known as the “temple of light”, and and served as a beacon to the community. Rabbi Shimmel was deeply committed to mankind, without regard for race, color or creed. His congregations and students loved and adored him, and he loved and adored them.

Rabbi Schimmel’s successor, Rabbi Richard Flom, continued those traditions.