High Holidays


Pledge What You Can...No More "Pay To Pray"

We approach our high holy days with hope, but also deep concerns.
Due to the pandemic restrictions, no indoor religious gatherings are permitted. Since your health and safety are our greatest concerns, these are our plans:

1. All High Holiday services will be broadcast on Zoom. Even if we hold in-person gatherings with proper social distancing and masks, you will not have to choose between safety and worship.

2. NO MORE PAY TO PRAY. This year PLEDGE WHAT YOU CAN. We have abolished mandatory dues and memberships. Anyone who contributes whatever they are able to our community will have a place at our Services. We are ALL FRIENDS. We are ALL FAMILY.
This is our schedule of High Holy Day events:

Rosh Hashanah

Saturday 9/12 – 9pm  – Selichot
Friday 9/18 – 7:30pm  – Erev Rosh Hashana
Saturday 9/19 – 10am – Rosh Hashana
Sunday 9/20 – 10am – Rosh Hashana Adventure: for Families and Beginners
Sunday, Sept. 20,  – Shofar Stations: Hear the shofar in the afternoon at 2 city parks: 4pm – At Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Park (Magnolia parking lot); 5pm – At Moorpark Park (curbside parking on Moorpark at Laurel Canyon NE corner)
Sunday, Sept. 27, 11:00am – Tashlich: (Cast your sins into your nearest waterway, or your backyard pool!)

Yom Kippur

Sunday 9/27 – Kol Nidrei 6pm
Monday 9/28 – Morning service and Yizkor – 10am
4pm – Rabbi’s Discussion
5pm– Mincha
6pm – Ne’ila and Musical Break-Fast

Each Yom Kippur, we issue a special “Book of Remembrance” where your departed loved ones’ names can be included among the formal Yizkor service. A fee of $15 per name is charged. You can also reserve a full page ad for $180, or half-page for $90.

First 100 “chaverim” will get a gift of honey and apples.
All “chaverim” will receive Prayer Books for each household and
a free Jewish Calendar.


Email Reb Jason  if you or a loved one is aged or infirmed and would like to have someone blow shofar on your front lawn between Sunday 9/20 and Sunday 9/27